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How to Place an Ad

Create a free account to place your ads, manage communications and view your ad stats. Creating this account allows you to place ads across all of the F+W Classified Marketplaces and manage them using a single sign-in.

Choose the Publication, Classification and Package
Decide which Marketplace to place your ad into, and then select the category and classification for the ad. Finally, select the duration and other options by choosing from the list of available packages.
Note: If you have a promotional code for a free ad, please be sure to choose the proper package that corresponds to your particular promo code.

Submit your ad text and upload photos
Enter a title, ad description (3000 characters) and upload a maximum of five photos for display online. If your package contains an "in-print" option, you may designate one print photo and print ad text of up to 200 characters. In most cases, you may choose to enhance your ad for an additional fee.

Choose your ad start date from available options
You may choose to begin your ad immediately or at some point in the future. You may also set your online ad and print ad dates separately should you so choose. There is also an option to allow you to sychronize your online and print dates so that your online ad will begin appearing as soon as the print publication is available to the public.

Enter your promotional code and check out!
If you have a promotional code, please enter it before checking out. Most promotional codes have an expiration date and time and will entitle you to a base-level package (options vary per publication). Please also note that only ONE code may be used per checkout or shopping cart, so to use multiple codes, please complete checkout and return back to enter another ad.

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