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Wanting to buy Vintage SEALED Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch, RumFeatured Ad

Wanting to buy vintage, full, & sealed bottles of Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch, Rye, Rum, etc. Bottles MUST BE FULL and seals intact. Looking for collections from old bars, liquor stores, estates, etc. Check your parents & grandparents basement bars and liquor cabinets. Will pay cash. Value from $20 to $100+ depending on item specifics and condition. The older the better. Most interested in Am...
In search of Boy Scout items- Local collector who appreciates Scouting wants to buy Scouting items.Featured Ad

I began my Scouting career in 1991 in Quincy, IL and collect all types of Scouting items. I will gladly pay cash for things I'm interested in. If you have Scouting itsems you would like to go to someone who appreciates the history in Scouting and the local program, please give me a call. I would gladly buy them from you or make a donation to Camp Saukenauk on your behalf for the items. I'm interes...
Large solid wood dresser

Large Solid wood dresser, has 7 drawers. Good condition. Plenty of space! $100 firm, cash. 217-617-2963. Please leave message if no answer. 
Elegant Floral Couch

Elegant, floral couch, light in color. Beautiful couch with unique style. Well cared for, it is in good condition. $100 firm, cash. Please call 217-617-2963. Please leave voicemail. Located in Lima, IL. 
Remington Wingmaster HD non-toxic waterfowl shells

I have some Remington Wingmaster HD waterfowl loads. They are 12 gauge in 2 3/4", 1 1/4 oz shot, #6 and 1325 fps. This was the best waterfowl load ever made and has unbelievable kill distances. It was discontinued because of expensive metal to make. I have multiple boxes. I am asking $35 per box. Thanks. Eric 217-228-1927 evenings before 10 pm.
Federal Premium tungsten iron/steel combination waterfowl loads

Federal Premium tungsten iron/steel combination waterfowl loads for sale. 12 gauge, 3", #4 tungsten and #2 steel, 1 1/4 oz. shot, 1400 fps. Very lethal for up close and distance both. I am asking $35/box. I have multiple boxes. 217-228-1927 evenings. Eric
Federal Premium tungsten iron/steel waterfowl loads

Federal Premium tungsten iron/steel 12ga 3 1/2", #2 tungsten #BB steel, very lethal combination loads. Eric 217-228-1927 evenings before 10pm.
Bismuth waterfowl loads

I have some Bismuth waterfowl loads for sale. I have 2 boxes of 2 3/4" #5, 1 1/4oz shot 1330 fps, and 2 boxes 3 1/2" #BB, 1 5/8oz shot. I am asking $35/bx. 217-228-1927. Eric
Powerbelt muzzleloader bullets

Powerbelt muzzleloader bullets for sale. I have 9 pkgs. of 20 bullets. Hollow point 295 grain. $15/pkg. 217-228-1927
Sofa Sleeper Couch

Great condition! Full size pull out bed. Aztec in design. See online photo. 217-617-2963 leave message
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