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2006 Kawai Console Piano For Sale

2006 Kawai Queen Anne Designer Console Piano.  When properly tuned this is truly a gorgeous sounding and looking instrument offering a blend of beauty and high performance in one finely crafted upright piano.  217-430-8312
Snowmobile Coat

Snowmobile Coat 4XL, Arctic Cat, Black/White. Like new! $80.     217-936-2475
Snowmobile Pants

Snowmobile pants. 5XL. Arctic Cat. Black/White. Non insulated. Like New! $70.   217-936-2475
Diecast Dragsters

Miller Genuine Draft, 1996 Don Prudhomme racing. Enclosed in case. One black, one silver. 1/24 scale. $50 each.  217-936-2475
2 Motorcycle helmets

For sale 2 new motorcycle helmets $30. Call 217-440-8836.
Banding Clips

2 boxes of banding clips one box 5/8" clip the other metal buckles for poly strapping $15 each. Call 217-440-8836
tool belts

3 heavy duty tool belts $20 each. Call 217-440-8836.
vanity top

48" vanity top good condition $30. Call 217-440-8836.
Poly banding

3 rolls poly banding $20 each. Call 217440-8836.

TRAILER HITCH. Includes wiring harness, for a 2017+ Kia Sportage. $100 217-257-8007
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