Two male Degus looking for a loving home...

Placed on 11/18/2014
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I have two male Degus looking for a home. They are almost four months-old in age (and not yet fully grown), & are definitely both boys. They were a part of a surprise litter! Degus are rodents that originate from the mountains of Chile. They are related to Chinchillas and Guinea Pigs, but more closely resemble a squirrel or a gerbil. They are a popular pet in Europe and are gaining more popularity in the U.S. Both boys are friendly and love to run in their exercise wheel. They are easy to take care of, and eat a mix of Chinchilla and Guinea Pig pellets, found in any pet store. Degus live on average five to eight years, so they are more sturdy than a hamster. If interested, please contact me at the following email address: I live & work in the Memphis area.
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