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October 2008 Promotion


List of Valid Packages

In order to realize the full value of your promotional code, please place your ad in the proper package for your publication.

Please note that if additional options or enhancements are added to the base package, or if you do not choose the proper package when placing your ad, the final value of the ad may exceed the value of the promotion code and you may be required to provide additional payment upon checkout.

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Antique Trader promo code
choose "Enhanced Web Only - 1 week Online" package
Comic Book Buyers Guide promo code 
choose "Enhanced Web Only - 4 weeks Online" package
Goldmine Magazine promo code
choose "Online Only - 2 weeks online" package
Military Trader promo code
choose "Enhanced Web Only - 4 Weeks Online" package
Sports Collectors Digest promo code
choose "Enhanced Web Only - 1 week Online" package
Tuff Stuff promo code*
choose "Enhanced Web Only - 1 week Online" for Sports Collectors Digest*

*Please place ad within the Sports Collectors Digest marketplace. Since there is no "online only" package available for Tuff Stuff, users may also opt to apply their discount code to an online+print package and receive a DISCOUNT on the total cost of the ad.



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Dames, Dolls and Delinquents, A Guide to Sexy Pulp Fiction Paperbacks
by Gary Lovisi
From sexy, pin-up dolls to dangerous bad girls and deadly dames, this book takes you inside the evocative world of pulp fiction paperbacks.

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