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2 year old Registered KuneKune Boar

I have a 2 year old Black/Ginger KuneKune Boar.  Very friendly and easy to keep. Kunekunes are grassfed pigs and good for pets or can be raised to butcher.  They are smaller than traditional pigs.This boar has sired one litter and has another litter from my sow expected this month.  He is registered with the American KuneKune Pig Society
JD 7720 Combine

JD 7720 Combine, 5700 hours, 4WD, Good condition, field ready. 217-257-3588
3 PT Kiwanis 9 foot chizzel

3 PT Kiwanis 9 foot chizzel point & 3 pt pallet carrier. $500 for both 217-696-2423
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