New Bainbridge Author Book Release

Placed on 5/31/2019
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New Bainbridge Author Book Release


C.M. Arvish has been saved by angels more than once, and this is what happened! Magical jungles and treacherous Hawaiian coastlines are what she called home. In this “humorous, harrowing, and heartwarming” tale, unforeseen events cause a twist of fate that leads to a death threat and evil forces that threaten everything.

Arvish’s “fast pace, vivid, and lyrical” writing style, brings to life colorful characters and adventures, spanning Hawaii, Northwestern Washington, Asia, Indonesia, Europe, and North America.

In her darkest hour, help comes from an estranged sister, a small but powerful woman, and otherworldly sources. They whisk her away to a strange place that she could never have imagined. There, surprises are revealed to her by a power much greater than herself.

“Beautifully written, hopeful, and timely,” Mermaid In The Mountains is as “uplifting as it is entertaining,” and “will stay with you long after the last page.”

Book Club ready and includes discussion topics and questions, a dessert recipe, and song list.

  “A brilliantly sincere and joyful book . . . I highly recommend it!”

  — Editor, JORIE T.

“Enchanting . . . I loved it!”

  — MTPR Host, JOHN A.

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