Strawberry Festival Recyclers $15/hour, 18+ yrs.

Placed on 7/4/2019
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Vashon Strawberry Festival Recyclers Needed:  $15/hour plus tips. Need to be 18+ yrs. 

We are doing something totally new with recycling on  Vashon, something we have not seen done anywhere else in the USA: we will be taking in people's recycling and food waste, and sorting it for them, just like cafe workers would. 

We will put the food waste in 5 gallon buckets for Vashon worms and animals. We will wash, right on the street,  any plastic or glass recycling that is dirty, and make sure that anything going into the recycling bins is clean and correct.
The public will not even have access to the recycling bins, so there is no chance of contaminating the bins with trash.

This will be the future of recycling at large events. 
Be in on the very beginning of this trend, and get paid!  

$15 an hour and a share of the tips. Tips? Yes, we expect people will tip us for this extra service, so they can enjoy the Strawberry Festival without worrying about what is recyclable, compostable, or trash on Vashon.

Shifts available Saturday, July 20

First shift: 9:30 to 2pm,

2nd Shift: 1:30 to 6:30pm

You can work one or two shifts, as desired. 15 min paid break per shift, and a half hour unpaid break to rest or eat during each shift. You can choose to work straight through without taking the half hour break.

Interested? Have friends who might be? Call Diane  Emerson at 206-567-5492 or e-mail

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