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POSITION TITLE: NATURAL RESOURCE SERGEANT JOB SUMMARY Assist in the administration of the Natural Resource Enforcement program and supervise a squad or shift of full-time Resource Enforcement officers and/or or security personnel. Incumbents have arrest authority and are required to be commissioned law officers. Incumbents report directly to the Resource Enforcement Captain and Chief of Police. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Responsible for the performance of patrol duties and for supervising a group of Resource Enforcement officers and/or other security staff. Direct assigned unit(s) Resource enforcement activities and supervise Resource Enforcement and security personnel assigned to unit(s); participate in unit(s) activities. Assign duties; train and supervise officers assigned to shift or squad; evaluate performance, advise, counsel, and recommend disciplinary and other personnel actions. Assist in the development and conduct training programs for the Nation's Resource Enforcement personnel. Investigate complaints of disturbance, accidents, stolen property, or criminal activity; conduct internal investigations as assigned; gather evidence; locate witnesses; appear in court; present evidence and testify against persons accused of crime. Perform patrol activities on foot or by vehicle or boat to maintain the Nation's security and enforce QIN laws and ordinances. Direct and regulate resource related activities, investigate crimes; administer first aid, and issue citations for violations as appropriate or required. Issue misdemeanor citations; investigate, arrest, and/or book suspects for misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors, and felony offenses. Assist other law enforcement agencies in cases of emergency. Write reports covering activities of squad or shift; review and correct reports of subordinate officers or other security personnel. Perform other duties as required or assigned. For further information please contact the Quinault Nation HR Department at 360.276.8211 or by email to jobs@quinault.org
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