PUBLIC NOTICE For the command of this au

Placed on 6/12/2020
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PUBLIC NOTICE For the command of this author of this contract is for an interpretation of all words with the rules of the interpretation of the author, in a positive-sense, in the present-tense, on a level-geometric-plane Agent: : UBO; jessica-ashley; FOR the OFFICIAL-OFFICE-OF-ABSOLUTE-BENEFICIAL-OWNER FOR the JESSICA-ASHLEY-CANNON-TRUST-Estate [con]cerning the SNOHOMISH-COUNTY-DISTRICT-COURT-CASCADE-DIV, 3Z 0626 835, is with the void-Superior-Court-Judgement-Lien: C19-0638/19-2-06685-31/19-1-11032-1, GIG-HARBOR-MUNICIPA- COURT-Case; 8Z 102 7206-7, is with the AllianceOne-account #’s-308-57-904, and the 504-83- 666 is with the void-authority; and Agent: jessica-ashley: FOR the OFFICE-OF-ABSOLUTE-BENEFICIAL-OWNER-TRUST-Estate in-care-of; 6101 Cromwell Drive Northwest Gig Harbor, Washington [98335] TO; OFFICE-OF-CEO/Necessary PERSON; AllianceOne Receivable Mgmt, Inc: Legal Department: K.C. HAWTHORNE: WSBA# 18241 TO; OFFICE-OF-CEO/Necessary PERSON; A-PROFESSIONAL-DEBT-COLLECTION-AGENCY: P.O. Box 11642, Tacoma, Wa 98411-6642 With this Notice of Fault-receiving with the 3rd Party Debt collector AllianceOne is with the Jan 10, 2020 is with the authority-jurisdiction; is with the 2nd Notice of Fault-receiving is with the February 10, 2020; is with the final-Complete-Notice of the Complete-Default-receiving is with the February 24, 2020 and Final-Notice-Receiving is with the April 10, 2020 is with the no-no-response -validity of the lien-authority is with the void-lien is with the void-wet-ink-signing is with the void-showing of the void-dba;JESSICA-ASHLEY-CANNON-TRUST-contract is with the RICO-[ill]egal-AllianceOne and is with the Official Office of Absolute Beneficial Owner-Request-declaring of the void-lien is with the void-authority is with the final-complete-Response of this newspaper-Notice is with the now-posting-time-deadline: Customs Declaration Label: RB 756 092 917 US Published: June 12, 19, 26, 2020. EDH900683
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