CITY OF LYNNWOOD On the 27th day of Jul

Placed on 7/30/2020
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CITY OF LYNNWOOD On the 27th day of July 2020 the City Council of the City of Lynnwood, Washington, passed ordinance 3364. A summary of the content of this ordinance, consisting of the title, provides as follows: ORDINANCE NO. 3364 AN ORDINANCE OF THE City of Lynnwood, Washington, relating to custodial care standards, REPEALING CHAPTER 2.37 LMC; AND PROVIDING FOR AN EFFECTIVE DATE, SEVERABILITY AND SUMMARY PUBLICATION The full text of this ordinance will be mailed upon request. DATED this 30th day of July 2020. Debbie Karber, Deputy City Clerk Published: July 30, 2020. EDH904610
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