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SNOHOMISH COUNTY COUNCIL Snohomish County, Washington NOTICE OF INTRODUCTION OF ORDINANCE AND NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Snohomish County Council will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, August 19, 2020, at the hour of 10:30 a.m., in the Henry M. Jackson Board Room, 8th Floor, Robert J. Drewel Building, 3000 Rockefeller Avenue, Everett, WA to consider proposed Ordinance No. 20-042. A summary is as follows: NOTE: Due to the federal, state, and local emergency response to COVID-19 and pursuant to Governor Inslee’s Proclamations 20-05, 20-25.7, and 20-28.7, the Council office is closed and hearings are being held remotely. If the proclamations, or any equivalent, remain in effect on the date listed above, the public hearing will be held via remote participation only. Please check the Council’s webpage ( 24 hours prior to the public hearing for updated information or contact the Council Clerk at 425-388-3494 or email at Zoom Webinar Information: Join online at or by telephone call to 1-253-215-8782 or 1-301-715-8592. Meeting ID: 992 9964 2860. At the hearing, the Council may also consider alternatives/amendments to the proposed ordinance and may make any changes to the proposed system of assessment that in its discretion it deems necessary in accordance with RCW 85.38.160. ORDINANCE NO. 20-042 FINALIZING A SYSTEM OF ASSESSMENT FOR STILLAGUAMISH FLOOD CONTROL DISTRICT PURSUANT TO CHAPTER 85.38 RCW Section 1. The Council, having made all revisions to the assessment system it deems necessary, hereby finds and determines that the assessment system for the District is in accordance with Chapter 85.38 RCW and other applicable laws of the State of Washington, and that the assessment system described in Sections 2, 3 and 4 is hereby finalized. Section 2. The system of assessments for the District is divided into two components: 1) Forty percent of the total assessment is levied as a per acre charge on all property within District boundaries. 2) The remaining sixty percent is levied as a charge per improvement, with improvements defined as follows: a) A single family residence equals one improvement. b) Land owned and maintained for public infrastructure is charged at the rate of one improvement for each acre of right-of-way. Public right-of-way in the District includes Snohomish County roads and a Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad. Section 3. Separate assessment levels are established for nine geographic zones as depicted in Exhibit A, which by this reference is incorporated herein. The assessment levels for these zones vary from zero for the non-benefit zone to one hundred percent of the full assessment specified in Section 2 above. The zones and assessment levels shall be the following: 100% assessment zones: Zone 1. Port Susan Zone 2. Florence Island Zone 3. Leque Road Zone 4. Church Creek 50% assessment zones: Zone 5. Drainage District 12 Zone 6. Norman Road Zone 7. Stillaguamish 30% assessment zone: Zone 8. Marine Drive properties east of the Port Susan zone, and Pioneer Highway properties abutting the Church Creek, Drainage District 12, or Norman Road zones, in which no more than 33 percent of the area of any given property is in the 100-year floodplain as identified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FEMA DFIRM). 0% assessment zone: Zone 9. Non-benefit Exhibit B, which by this reference is incorporated herein, presents the total number of acres and improvements by zone. Exhibit B also presents the associated dollar value of benefits for a $1,000 hypothetical assessment, which has been computed in accordance with RCW 85.38.160. Section 4. The District shall adopt an annual budget and special assessments based upon application of the system of assessments established by this ordinance sufficient to finance the adopted budget. The District is further directed to forward a copy of its resolution approving the budget, the budget and special assessments sufficient to finance the budget to the County Council and to the County Treasurer, in accordance with RCW 82.38.170. Section 5. As provided in the RCW 85.38.170, the special assessments shall be collected by the County Treasurer. Notice of the special assessment due may be included in the notice of the property taxes due, may be included on a separate notice that is mailed with the notice of property taxes due, or may be sent separately from the notice of property taxes due. Special assessments shall be due at the same time property taxes are due and shall constitute liens on the land or improvements upon which they are imposed. Delinquent special assessments shall be foreclosed in the same manner, and subject to the same time schedules, interest and penalties as delinquent property taxes. The County Treasurer may impose a fee for collection of special assessments not to exceed one percent of the dollar value of the special assessments collected. Section 6. The system of assessment finalized by this ordinance shall supersede the District’s system of assessment last finalized by the adoption of Snohomish County Ordinance No. 12-063 on August 22, 2012. Where to Get Copies of Proposed Ordinance: Documentation is available upon request by calling the Snohomish County Council Office at (425) 388-3494, 1-800-562-4367 x3494, TDD 1-800-877-8339, e-mail to The proposed ordinance is also available on the Council’s webpage at If the Council office is closed due to the emergency response to COVID-19, copies will not be available for pickup until the office reopens. Public Testimony: All interested persons may provide public testimony at the time and place indicated above or by remote participation. Please send written testimony to Snohomish County Council, 3000 Rockefeller Ave., M/S 609, Everett, WA 98201; fax to 425-388-3496; or e-mail Submitting testimony 24 hours prior to the hearing will ensure that testimony is provided to the Council and appropriate staff in advance of the hearing. American Disabilities Act Notice: For hearings held in the Council Board Room, accommodations for persons with disabilities are available upon request. Please make arrangements one week prior to the hearing by calling Elena Lao at 425-388-3494, 1-800-562-4367 x3494, TDD 1-800-877-8339, or e-mail QUESTIONS: For additional information or specific questions on the proposed ordinance please call Dave Lucas in the Department of Public Works Surface Water Management Division at (425) 388-3648. DATED this 29th day of July, 2020 SNOHOMISH COUNTY COUNCIL Snohomish County, Washington /s/ Nate Nehring Council Chair ATTEST: /s/ Elena Lao Asst. Clerk of the Council 107027 Published: July 31; August 5, 2020. EDH904784
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