Land Wanted on Vashon Island

Placed on 9/23/2020
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Land Wanted on Vashon Island

Land Wanted on Vashon Island

Hello! I am a professional musician who has spent ten years breaking his back trying to keep up with Seattle rent with little to show for it and frankly, I'm tired of the churn. My dream is to get a small plot of land on Vashon and build a tiny home or cabin to live a simpler life while still having access to the classical music scene in Seattle.

Most of the land I've seen via the more traditional routes have been far out of my price range and  were aimed for more of a traditional home and lifestyle. I'm looking to go off the grid and live simply, Walden style, and quietly compose my choir music and trim my Bonsai trees in peace, away from the chaos of the city and without some of the modern conveniences of life. This means that I'm not looking for much land, and that the land doesn't need utility hookups. (Though it would still need to be zoned for a residence - King County is quite strict about that). 

I'm hoping there might be some non-traditional options out there, that there might be some folks on Vashon who have a larger multi-lot farm with perhaps a half acre lot of woods in the corner that they've never done anything with. Or a little tucked away lot that one can only access via an overgrown walking path that would just be unfeasible to build a real house on and they didn't want to go through the hassle of trying to sell it. I know there are always people with unique situations and opportunities out there and I'm hoping to find one that'd be mutually beneficial. 

I am happy to listen to absolutely any offers or ideas and can be reached at

Vashon is such an amazing community and I feel that it would be perfect for me. I grew up in a small town in the woods but needed to go to Seattle for music. Now that I built enough connections I'd like to get back to my roots. With Covid-19 dealing a massive blow to the performance arts and especially my favorite medium - choral music - I can't imagine any other way of turning this dream into a reality at any point in the near future so I figured I'd give this ad a try. Thank you for taking the time to read this far and I hope to someday be joining you on your special island! (Bali Ha'i, Bali Ha'i, Bali Ha'i!)

P.S. If you feel like listening to some poignant choral music, you can find me at ;

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