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IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF SAN JUAN In the matter of the Estate of, RODNEY RAY MULVANEY, Deceased. CASE NO. 20-4-05001-28 FINAL REPORT AND PETITION IN SUPPORT OF RENEWED MOTION FOR PERMISSION TO PAY ESTATE DEBTS AND FOR DECREE OF DISTRIBUTION Petitioner Marlys E. True, Administrator of the estate of the decedent, by and through her counsel Lawrence Curt Delay and pursuant to RCW 11.76.030, hereby states that the probate of the estate has been completed and therefore petitions for the court to issue a decree of distribution. The following is a true inventory of all of the property of the estate subject to the jurisdiction of this court which has come into possession or knowledge of the petitioner, including a statement of all debts, encumbrances, liens or other charges against any item: I. DEBT Lawrence Delay 1,660.58 Filing fee 260.00 Neptune society 320.00 Lorie Stokes 990.00 OPALCO 192.32 Discovery Inn 731.38 Food 769.57 Gas 131.77 Ferry 22.00 Van rental 32.43 EIN 247.00 Certified mail 6.85 Fax to accountant 4.28 Electric bill 80.78 Copies 1.22 TOTAL PAID 5,450.18 IRS 746.00 Tax accountant 575.00 Lawrence Delay 1,530.00 Publication of Notice 157.42 PeaceHealth 1,992.75 TOTAL UNPAID 5,001.17 II. REAL PROPERTY - NONE III. PERSONAL PROPERTY - BANK ACCOUNTS AND OTHER FUNDS 2018 Chevrolet Colorado 17,500.00 Wells Fargo Savings 162,060.60 Wells Fargo Checking 248,921.75 TOTAL 428,482.35 IV. PERSONAL PROPERTY - OTHER TANGIBLE PERSONAL PROPERTY Household furnishings, value unknown V. TOTAL NET ESTATE VALUE 423,481.18 VI. HEIRS The names and addresses of the heirs of the decedent are: (i.) Marlys E. True; Sister; 306 S. Maple Street, Ellensburg, WA 98926-3553 (ii.) Geoffery Mulvaney; Son; unknown address - previously Seattle area (iii.) Holland Mulvaney; Son; unknown address - previously Seattle area The distributive shares of the estate of the decedent are: (a) Per RCW 11.04.015 (2)(a), to the issue of the intestate; if they are all in the same degree of kinship to the intestate, they shall take equally, or if of unequal degree, then those of more remote degree shall take by representation. (b) Per RCW 11.04.015 (2)(c), if the intestate not be survived by issue or by either parent, then to those issue of the parent or parents who survive the intestate. VII. PRAYER FOR RELIEF Administrator Marlys E. True respectfully requests the court to grant the following relief: 1. That Marlys E. True may pay any remaining debts of the estate as identified in the Inventory and there is no need to produce receipts for costs incurred pursuant to RCW 11.76.100; and 2. That the remaining value of the estate, the sum of $423,481.18 shall be distributed to Marlys E. True. Dated this 9th day of November, 2020. /s/Lawrence Curt Delay Lawrence Curt Delay, WSBA #20339 LEGAL NO. S913424 Pub. The Islands' Sounder November 18, 2020
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