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Snohomish County Snohomish County Airport / Paine Field Dave Somers Arif Ghouse, Airport Director County Executive 3220 100th St SW, Suite A Everett, WA 98204 (425) 388-5100 DETERMINATION OF NONSIGNIFICANCE Local File Number: 21-01 Project File Name: Paine Field Rezone SE corner of Airport Road and 100th Street SW Binding Site Plan Sector 3 Applicant: Snohomish County Airport / Paine Field 10108 32nd Ave W, Suite J Attention: Allan Giffen Everett WA 98204 DESCRIPTION OF PROPOSAL: The non-project rezone of this 15.25-acre site proposes to change the current BP (Business Park) zoning to LI (Light Industrial) zoning. The purpose of the non-project rezone is to allow for the future development of the site with airport-compatible commercial and/or industrial uses. Most uses allowed in the proposed LI zone are also allowed in the existing BP zone. Airport compatible land uses allowed in the LI zone that are not allowed in the BP zone include hotel/motel, auto rental, auto towing, service station, billboards, and restaurants that are not oriented to a business park. This proposal and SEPA review is a non-project action, which means that no property development or new use is proposed at this time. However, the proposed rezone will allow for future uses and development activity that will be the subject of additional future SEPA review when project-specific details and information about potential impacts and appropriate mitigation measures can be more accurately determined. Accordingly, Phased Review of environmental impacts of any subsequent development proposal will be conducted pursuant to WAC 197-11-060(5). Such future impacts and mitigation are generally described in the SEPA checklist. Location of Proposal: SE corner of Airport Road and 100th Street SW, Everett WA 98204 Binding Site Plan Sector 3 Tax Account Number: 28042300201800, 28042300201900, 28042300202000, 28042300202100 Lead Agency: Snohomish County Airport / Paine Field THRESHOLD DETERMINATION: The lead agency for this proposal has determined that it does not have a probable, significant adverse impact on the environment. An environmental impact statement (EIS) is NOT required under RCW 43.21C.030(2)(c). This decision was made after review by Snohomish County of a completed environmental checklist and other information on file with this agency and such information is adopted herein by reference. This decision is also based in part upon that previous SEPA Determination of Non-significance issued November 19, 2002, by Snohomish County Department of Planning and Development services relating to Ordinance No. 03-113 dated September 24, 2003, Amending Chapter 30.22 SCC Pertaining to Hotel/Motel Uses in the Light Industrial Zone, which is incorporated by reference herein as more fully set forth below. This information is available for public review upon request. The lead agency has determined that the requirements for environmental analysis, protection, and mitigation measures have been adequately addressed in the development regulations and comprehensive plan adopted under chapter 36.70A RCW, and in other applicable local, state, or federal laws or rules, as provided by RCW 43.21C.240 and WAC 197-11-158. Our agency will not require any additional mitigation measures under SEPA. This Determination of Nonsignificance is issued under WAC 197-11-340 (2) and is subject to a 14-day comment period. Written comments may be submitted to the lead agency at the address below or emailed directly to the project manager. Comments must be received by January 25, 2021. Incorporation by Reference (WAC 197-11-600): The lead agency herby incorporates by reference that SEPA Determination of Non-significance issued November 19, 2002, by Snohomish County Department of Planning and Development services relating to Ordinance No. 03-113 dated September 24, 2003, Amending Chapter 30.22 SCC Pertaining to Hotel/Motel Uses in the Light Industrial Zone in support of the foregoing SEPA determination of non-significance. Said prior SEPA determination evaluated the environmental impacts relating to allowing Hotel/Motel use within the LI zoning category for property specifically within a municipal airport boundary and determined that such expanded uses within a municipal airport boundary meeting the requirements codified in SCC 30.22.130(89) does not have a significant adverse environmental impact for purposes of SEPA. This document is on file with the Snohomish County Airport and available for public review upon request during the applicable comment period. Phased Review (WAC 197-11060(5)): As set forth above, and more fully described in the SEPA Checklist, the present non-project action is anticipated to be followed by a Request for Qualifications for development of the subject property based upon airport-compatible commercial or industrial use with development anticipated within two to three years. The present non-project rezone of the site from BP to LI is intended to afford the broadest scope of permissible uses of the subject property for purposes of development. The scope and level of this SEPA determination is limited to the environmental impacts of the proposed non-project action rezone of the subject property from BP to LI. Additional environmental review of the site-specific impacts of any subsequently proposed development will be separately reviewed at such time as a site-specific development proposal is identified in accordance with WAC 197-11-060(5). APPEALS: This DNS may be appealed pursuant to the requirements of Section 30.61.300 SCC and Chapter 2.02 SCC. The fourteen (14) day appeal period commences on the date of publication of notice. Any appeal must be addressed to the County Hearing Examiner, accompanied by a filing fee of $500.00, and be filed in writing at the Customer Support Center on the 2nd Floor, County Administration Building East, Everett, WA. Appeals may also be accepted electronically by the Planning and Development Services Department and paid for by credit card over the phone as follows: 1. Scan the original manually signed (handwritten) copy of the appeal document; 2. Send your appeal as an email attachment to Please include your phone number where you can be reliably reached. 3. Staff will call you to collect your credit card information and process your payment. 4. Mail the original to Snohomish County PDS, 3000 Rockefeller M/S 604, Everett, WA 98201. The appeal must be received by January 25, 2021. The appeal must contain the items set forth in 30.71.050(5) SCC as follows: (a) Facts demonstrating that the person is aggrieved by the decision; (b) A concise statement identifying each alleged inadequacy in the threshold determination; (c) The specific relief requested; and (d) Any other information reasonably necessary to make a decision on appeal. Please note that failure to file a timely and complete appeal including all the above items shall constitute waiver of all rights to an administrative appeal under county code. In addition to the above requirements, SCC 30.61.305(1) also requires that any person filing an appeal of a threshold determination made pursuant to this chapter shall file with the hearing examiner, within seven days of filing the appeal, a sworn affidavit or declaration demonstrating facts and evidence, that, if proven, would demonstrate that the issuance of the threshold determination was clearly erroneous. Contact Person: Andrew C. Rardin, Airport Environmental Manager Responsible Official: Arif Ghouse, Airport Director Snohomish County Airport / Paine Field Address: 3220 100th Street Southwest, Suite A Everett, Washington 98204 Signature: ARIF R. GOUSE, Airport Director Date: 01.02.2021 Date Issued: 01.02.2021 DISCLAIMER: The determination that an environmental impact statement does not have to be filed does not mean there will be no adverse environmental impacts. Snohomish County codes governing noise control, land use performance standards, construction and improvement of county roads, off site road improvement obligations, drainage control, fire protection and building practices will provide substantial mitigation of the aforementioned impacts. The issuance of this Determination of Nonsignificance should not be interpreted as acceptance or approval of this proposal as presented. Snohomish County reserves the right to deny or approve said proposal subject to conditions if it is determined to be in the best interest of the county and/or necessary for the general health, safety and welfare of the public to do so. Published: January 10, 17, 2021. EDH917302
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