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CALL FOR BIDS TOWN OF FRIDAY HARBOR SPRING STREET SEWER AND STORM DRAIN REPLACEMENT PROJECT The Town of Friday Harbor will receive sealed bids until 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 3, 2021 for the Spring Street Sewer and Storm Drain Replacement Project. As soon thereafter as possible, the bids will be opened publicly and read aloud. Bids shall be addressed to Wayne Haefele PE, Public Works Director, Town of Friday Harbor, 60 Second Street, PO Box 219, Friday Harbor, Washington 98250, and shall be labeled "Bid for Spring Street Sewer and Storm Drain Replacement Project." The work includes the furnishing of labor, materials, and equipment for installation of the Spring Street Sewer, and Storm Drain Replacement. The project is located in Friday Harbor, Washington in San Juan County. The base bid project consists of constructing 264 lineal feet of new 10" SDR 35 PVC Sewer and 278 lineal feet of new 30" double wall plastic storm drain on existing vertical and horizontal alignments. The work includes reconnection of 7 existing six-inch sewer laterals, upgrade and reconnection of 4 existing four-inch sewer laterals, replacement of 1 sanitary sewer manhole, selective demolition of one existing storm manhole, air testing of sewer facilities, restoration of the roadway section, HMA paving and roadway striping and marking. The work of the base contract also includes temporary storm water BMP's which must be in place and accepted before any other work is begun. Notice to proceed is scheduled for March 15, 2021 All work shall be complete sixty (60) calendar days thereafter with the final HMA lift to be completed by May 19th and Striping and Marking to be completed by May 26. Construction costs are estimated between $460,000 and $570,000 dollars. The project is subject to Washington State Prevailing Wage Rates. Due to the location, with both sides of the street dedicated to restaurant, retail and professional businesses active during normal business hours and regularly unloading ferry traffic beginning at 7:45 am and ending at 11:05 pm, bidders are cautioned that working hours for this project will be 11:15 pm to 7:30 am, Sunday thru Thursday. A pre-bid meeting and site visit is scheduled for Friday, February 26, 2021 commencing at 11:00 a.m. at Town Hall, 60 Second Street, Friday Harbor, Washington. Wayne Haefele PE, Public Works Director for the Town, will be available to answer questions and familiarize prospective bidders with the project. A tour of the project site will follow the pre-bid conference. Contractors may arrange site visits by contacting Mr. Haefele at (360) 378-2154. Free-of-charge access to project bid documents (plans, specifications, addenda, and Bidders List) is provided to Prime Bidders, Subcontractors, and Vendors by going to and clicking on "Posted Projects," "Public Works," and "Town of Friday Harbor." This online plan room provides Bidders with fully usable online documents with the ability to: download, view, print, order full/partial plan sets from numerous reprographic sources, and a free online digitizer/take-off tool. It is recommended that Bidders "Register" in order to receive automatic e-mail notification of future addenda and to place themselves on the "Self-Registered Bidders List." Bidders that do not register will not be automatically notified of addenda and will need to periodically check the on-line plan room for addenda issued on this project. Contact Builders Exchange of Washington at (425) 258-1303 should you require assistance with access or registration. Each bid shall be accompanied by a bid guaranty bond, or a certified or cashier's check payable to the order of the Town of Friday Harbor in an amount not less than five percent (5%) of the amount of the bid as a guaranty that the bidder will execute the contract if it be awarded in conformity with the bid form. The successful bidder will be required to furnish performance and payment bonds, each in an amount not less than one hundred percent (100%) of the contract price. The Town of Friday Harbor reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to determine which bid is, in the Town's judgment, the lowest responsive and responsible bid of a bidder or group of bidders. The Town of Friday Harbor also reserves the right to waive any informalities in any bid and to delete or add any of the items listed in the bid as set forth herein. Bidders on this work must comply with all applicable governmental requirements including, but not limited to, affirmative action programs and other equal employment opportunity actions. Bids received after the time established for receiving bids will not be considered. Faxed bids will not be accepted. No bidder may withdraw a bid after the time established for receiving bids or before the award and execution of the contract, unless the award is delayed for a period exceeding ninety (90) calendar days. For additional information, please contact Wayne Haefele, Town of Friday Harbor Public Works Director, at (360) 378-2154. END REQUEST FOR SEALED BIDS LEGAL NO. J920411 Pub.: The Journal of the San Juan Islands February 24, 2021
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