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SNOHOMISH COUNTY PUBLIC WORKS IT IS HEREBY certified that the following are full, true, and accurate accounts of the costs of executing the work for the specified County Road Projects for the 2020 program year. PROJECT NUMBER, PROJECT NAME, TOTAL COST __PROJECT DESCRIPTION______________________________ RC1767 Goodman Creek Embankment Repairs $191,395.11 This project excavates the lowest 50 feet of the roadway 12’ diameter culvert conveying Goodman Creek beneath the Mountain Loop Highway at MP 46.5. The goal is to reconstruct the pipe bedding, roadway structural embankment and reconstruct the slope to the pipe outlet such that the site will be durable for 5-10 years until a new bridge can be constructed. RC1771 Riverview Rd Flood Repair near 5001 $186,143.49 This project consists of removal of unsuitable and failing embankment/dike material, construction of a geogrid reinforced slope, then backfilling and reconstructing the roadway. Approximately 100 linear ft of the embankment is to be replaced along the south side of Riverview Rd, fronting the Snohomish River. RR48622 Culvert Replacement near 9607 Waverly Drive $16,495.94 Snohomish County Road Maintenance completed work required under a 2015 HPA permit associated with a fish passage culvert project. Work included removing rock placed within Evans Creek, placing streambed aggregate within the excavated areas and culvert, placing topsoil on the streambanks, and live staking the banks. Certified By: Kelly A. Snyder, MPA Date: 06/09/2021 Snohomish County Public Works Director Published: June 11, 2021. EDH929813
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