Happy Day Childcare

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Happy Day Childcare

Happy Day Childcare,

 A home away from home for your children while your away, a  place where they can safely explorer, learn, and grow.

Happy Day Childcare takes great pride in the care they offer the community, by creating individual care plans with families for their  children, following a schedule that allows children to have a happy and healthy day, keeping open communication with families to make sure we are always doing our best.

The curriculum at Happy Day Childcare is based on  The Developmentally Appropriate Practice Model  of early learning. It is designed to be experienced through hands on activities. In other words: When I Play, I Learn.

Children at all ages participate in individual and group experiences designed to:


  • Enhance early literacy
  • Build number sense
  • Foster a thirst for wonder and discovery
  • Encourage the exploration of their natural environment
  • Support  social skills development and positive social interactions
  • Nurture spiritual growth
  • Develop gross and fine motor skills
  • Experience music and movement
  • Strengthen a sense of positive self-worth and Identity


Visit: https://www.daycaretimesolutions.com/lesson-plans

This is the amazing program we use to create a fun and educational day with your child.


Visit us at: happydaychildcare.org to find out more, contact us, or enroll.

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