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Placed on 1/14/2022
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Systems Engineering Professional – Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. (Issaquah, WA). Doc dgr (or foreign dgr equiv) in Physics, Electrical Eng, or a rltd fld, & 1 yr of exp in job ofrd or an acptbl alt occu. In the alt, emplyer will accpt a Mstr’s dgrin the abv fields & 3 yrs of exp in the job offrd or an accptbl alt occu or a Bach dgr in the abv lstd fld & 5 yrs of exp in job offrd or an accptble alt occu. Full term of exp mst incl prfcncy in flwng skl: Smltn of acstc wave prpgtn, w/ undrstndi of nonlinear effct; Use of msrmnt equip to chrctrze acstc fld; Acstc msrmnt equip setup & trublsht; Dev of anlytcl mdel for ultrsnd output; & Scntfc prog w/ C++, Visual Bsic, or Pythn, & also w/ SQL, Matlab, or LabVIE. Approx 5% trvel req. Siemens Healthineers has ancd the nxt stps in our cont cmtmt to pitz colegue hlth, comply w/ cust/bsn prtnr reqs, & hlp prsrv our business cont. Siemens Healthineers req full COVID-19 vcntn for all new hires by their start date. (Acco may be rqstd for crtn med or rlgn rsn). Mail rsms Deborah Bozich, Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc., 22010 South East 51st Street, Issaquah, WA 98029. Ref DB/XZ. Must be authrzed to wrk in US prmnntly.
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