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CITY OF EVERETT Community, Planning and Economic Development September 23, 2022 NOTICE OF FUNDING AVAILABILITY 2023 COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BLOCK GRANT (CDBG), AFFORDABLE HOUSING TRUST FUNDS (AHTF 2060), AND HOME INVESTMENT PROGRAM FUNDS TO BENEFIT LOW- AND MODERATE-INCOME HOUSEHOLDS OVERVIEW Applications for organizations wishing to apply for 2023 City of Everett Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds, Affordable Housing Trust Funds (AHTF 2060), and HOME Investment Partnership Program (HOME) funds are now available in Amplifund, the City's grant management software program. The following are estimated amounts anticipated to be available by funding source: • CDBG - $1,330,000 o Public Services $130,000 o Non-Public Services $1,200,000 • HOME - $400,000 • AHTF - $140,000 CDBG and HOME funding amounts are subject to change depending on allocation from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for City of Everett's CDBG Entitlement Funds and HOME funds from the Consortium. Proposed activities must meet statutory requirements and must be eligible CDBG or HOME activities per HUD regulations to be considered for funding. AHTF 2060 Funds are targeted for housing and shelter projects. Additional information on funding and an explanation of eligible activities for each funding source can be found at All applications must be received in AmpliFund by Monday, October 24th at 5:00 p.m. at which time the opportunity to apply will close. ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS • Private non-profit organizations that have received 501(c)(3) federal tax-exempt status from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and are registered as a non-profit corporation in the State of Washington • Faith based organizations may also apply but must not restrict client participation based on required religious affiliation or services • For-profit entities can also apply per 24 CFR 570.201 • The City of Everett will not accept application proposals from individuals PRIORITIES FOR FUNDING The priorities and prioritized activities for the 2023 Annual Action Plan and 2020 - 2024 Consolidated Plan have been identified in the list below. The priorities were established by the Citizen Advisory Committee on August 16, 2022. a. HOUSING • Rehabilitation of existing units: homeowners and renters • Rent assistance and Utility assistance • Homebuyer assistance • Creation of new units b. SERVICES • Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Prevention/Support c. HOMELESSNESS • Operational Support • Adding shelter beds and assisted bed placement d. PUBLIC FACILITIES • All Public facilities e. PUBLIC INFRASTRUCTURE • Sidewalk improvements f. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT • Façade and/or Building rehabilitation Organizations submitting applications for programs or projects that do not meet these priorities may still apply, however applications meeting priority needs will be considered first for funding. Please contact Vicki Dorway at if you have questions on your program's eligibility. APPLICATION INFORMATION All City of Everett Community Development grant applications are now processed through the City's online grant management software, AmpliFund. General information on AmpliFund can be found at CRITERIA FOR APPLICATIONS • Meet annual priorities established by the Citizens Advisory Committee on August 16, 2022; and • Meet Everett's 2020-2024 Consolidated Plan priorities ; and • Meet basic evaluation criteria; and • Submit a complete application for consideration; and • Serve Everett residents inside city limits; and • Comply with HUD's CDBG or HOME National Objectives (Federal funds only) ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR NON-PUBLIC SERVICE PROJECTS • Applicants looking to apply for non-public service projects must discuss proposals with staff prior to application to determine project viability including project readiness and ability to meet project timelines. • Post-Application meeting with City staff the week of October 24th • Non-public service projects using federal funds will be required to complete ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW CONSIDERATIONS in the application. Please contact Vicki Dorway at or Kembra Landry at for questions or technical assistance. • If your project is housing related and NOT acquisition and planning, please fill out the CFA (Combined Funders Application) sheets 1, 2A, 6A-6E, 8A-8E with your application • Rental and ownership housing project funds will be awarded in the form of a deferred payment loan; public facility, infrastructure, and economic development activities will be awarded in the form of a forgivable loan • Non-housing construction projects will require a 100% match of funds from other sources REGISTRATION PROCESS FOR AMPLIFUND If your organization already has an AmpliFund account, please see the table below to access a direct link for the grant opportunity for which you are seeking funding. • For organizations registering in Amplifund for the first time, create an applicant portal account by going to the City's Grant Opportunities webpage at and clicking the 2023 Funding Opportunity link for the source of funds for which you are applying. • This will launch Amplifund where you can click "Register" to create an account. o If your organization already has an account, please do not create an additional account. Instead provide login credentials and you will be directed back to the 'Apply' screen. • Create one Amplifund applicant portal account for the entire organization. o The first user to register automatically becomes the Organization Administrator and can add other staff as needed to become users in the organization's portal account. o Your Designated Official who has legal authority to commit the organization to submit the application should also be established as an Organization Administrator for your account. All other users that will support content for the application can be established as Editors. • It is strongly encouraged for each user to also register for an Amplifund ZenDesk account which provides guides, FAQs, instructional videos, and more. This is a separate registration. APPLICATION REVIEW AND SCORING PROCESS Please note this is the first time that federal and state applications will be scored. • Funding recommendations are made by the Citizens Advisory Committee, which reviews annual applications and provides recommendations to City Council. • City staff will first review your application for completeness and organizational capacity. Incomplete applications will not move forward in the review process. • Following staff review, Citizen Advisory Committee Members will review and score your application based on Need and Impact. • Five questions will be scored based on addressing Community Need and Community Engagement. Scores are provided on a 0 - 5 or 8 scale. Highest possible score available is 25 points. An example of the rubric is available in the application. • Following reviews and scores from Committee members, a public hearing will be held for funding discussions and recommendations. Formal adoption on funding awards will occur during City Council action through resolution. • Please refer to funding schedule below. For links to City of Everett Federal and State applications please click the corresponding link below: CDBG Public Services application CDBG Non-Public Services application HOME application AHTF 2060 application To submit the strongest application possible, please refer to the guidelines found on this Application Guidelines link: Please visit the City's grant management software webpage at for information on registering in Amplifund, training materials, and Frequently Asked Questions. PROPOSED APPLICATION AND FUNDING SCHEDULE (dates subject to change) • September 23rd - October 24th: Open application period • October 24th: Applications due by 5pm (hard cutoff in AmpliFund) • October 25th - 28th: Applicant meetings with staff (*Non-service projects only) • November 15th: Citizen Advisory Committee Public Hearing and Funding Recommendations • November 18th - December 20th: Public Comment Period • February 2023: City Council Funding Recommendation Briefing and Action • July 1, 2023: CDBG/HOME/2060 Program Year Begins For general questions on the application and Federal and State funding sources, please contact Information on funding sources is also available on the City's website at The City of Everett is an equal housing opportunity agency. The City will, upon request, provide translation for non-English speaking and hearing-impaired residents. The City strives to accommodate individuals with disabilities, please contact Vicki Dorway at (425) 257-7185 or email as soon as possible, if special accommodations are needed. Published: September 23, 2022. EDH963509
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