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SNOHOMISH COUNTY COUNCIL Snohomish County, Washington NOTICE OF ENACTMENT NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that on November 9, 2022, the Snohomish County Council adopted Budget Ordinance No. 22-049, which shall be effective November 25, 2022. A summary of the ordinance is as follows: ORDINANCE NO. 22-049 RELATING TO PROPERTY TAXES; FIXING THE 2023 GENERAL PROPERTY TAX LEVY FOR SNOHOMISH COUNTY AND PRESERVING FUTURE LEVY CAPACITY Section 1. The annual amount of general property tax levy necessary to raise the amount of revenues required by Snohomish County for expenditure during calendar year 2023 is hereby levied upon all real and personal property subject to taxation in Snohomish County as set forth in the table below. 2023 GENERAL PROPERTY TAX LEVY Use of Funds Estimated Estimated Levy Rate Levy Amount General Levy $.4676 $103,018,813 Section 2. The amount set forth in Section 1 is hereby levied upon all real and personal property in accordance with certified assessed values and the completed tax rolls of Snohomish County for collection in 2023. That estimated property tax levy amount is intended: (a) to include an increase above the County's 2022 levy amount as authorized by separate ordinance pursuant to RCW 84.55.120; (b) to include any additional amounts allowed under (i) the new construction, improvements to property and state-assessed property provisions of RCW 84.55.010 and, (ii) as provided pursuant to RCW 84.55.070, the refund provisions of chapters 84.68 and 84.69 RCW, and (c) to exclude any amounts in excess of the 2023 maximum levy amount resulting from application of the limit factor, plus those additional amounts described in paragraphs (a) and (b) above; and shall be adjusted by the County Assessor when property values are certified. Section 3. Any unused general property tax levy capacity for the 2023 tax year is reserved for future levy as provided by RCW 84.55.092. Where to Get Copies of the Ordinance: Copies of the full ordinance and other documentation are available upon request by calling the County Council Office at (425) 388-3494, 1-(800) 562-4367x3494, TDD (425) 388-3700 or by e-mailing Website Access: This ordinance and other documents can be accessed through the Council websites at: or DATED this 18th day of November 2022. SNOHOMISH COUNTY COUNCIL Snohomish County, Washington /s/ Debbie Eco, CMC Clerk of the Council 104473 Published: November 23, 2022. EDH967219
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