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SNOHOMISH COUNTY COUNCIL Snohomish County, Washington NOTICE OF ENACTMENT NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that on November 9, 2022, the Snohomish County Council adopted Ordinance No. 22-039, which shall be effective November 25, 2022. A summary of the ordinance is as follows: ORDINANCE NO. 22-039 APPROVING A SYSTEM OF RATES AND CHARGES PROPOSED BY THE SNOHOMISH CONSERVATION DISTRICT PURSUANT TO RCW 89.08.405 FOR NATURAL RESOURCE CONSERVATION PURPOSES ON ALL NON-EXEMPT REAL PROPERTY LOCATED WITHIN SNOHOMISH CONSERVATION DISTRICT AND SNOHOMISH COUNTY FOR A TEN-YEAR PERIOD BEGINNING IN 2023 Section 1. The Snohomish county council makes the following findings and conclusions: A. The foregoing recitals are incorporated as if fully set forth herein. B. The District is a governmental subdivision of the State of Washington authorized by chapter 89.08 RCW to conserve natural resources. C. As acknowledged by the legislature in RCW 89.08.010(4), there is a pressing need for the conservation of natural resources in all areas of the state, whether urban, suburban, or rural, and the benefits of resource practices, programs, and projects carried out by the state conservation commission and local conservation districts should be available to all such areas; and D. District activities and programs to be funded by the proposed system of rates and charges include promotion of sustainable agriculture and farmland preservation, including supporting efforts to reduce the conversion of farmland to other uses and educating urban, suburban, and rural residents (including youth) on the importance of local agriculture and the value of farmland preservation; farm planning and water quality improvements, including providing farm planning and technical assistance in best management practice (BMP) implementation and enhancing financial support; natural resource management, including providing permit and other assistance to enhance critical resource management areas and participating in salmon recovery and other natural resource conservation planning efforts; county-wide information and education, including providing youth education programs, assisting the county and governmental entities, educating landowners regarding wildland fire prevention and risk through the "Firewise" program, and promoting stewardship, backyard conservation, and sustainable living; urban conservation, including providing technical services and financial assistance to urban and suburban landowners and supporting city natural resource conservation efforts; and E. All lands within the District subject to the proposed system receive a special benefit from the activities and programs of the District that are financed by the rates and charges; and F. The public interest will be served by the imposition of rates and charges as proposed by the District and imposed by this ordinance; and G. The system of rates and charges imposed on any land by this ordinance will not exceed the special benefits that the land receives or will receive from the activities and programs of the District; and H. The system of rates and charges imposed by this ordinance will not apply to areas within the District that are not located within the county, including Camano Island for which special assessments may be imposed by the legislative authority of Island County pursuant to WAC 135-100-040; and I. RCW 89.08.405(6) authorizes the county treasurer to deduct an amount from the collected rates and charges to cover costs incurred by the county assessor and county treasurer in spreading and collecting the rates and charges, as established by the Snohomish county council, but not to exceed the actual costs of such work. Section 2. Pursuant to RCW 89.08.405, subject to the limits for certain forest lands provided therein and the exemptions for non-assessed property and duration stated below, the county council hereby accepts the system of rates and charges proposed by the District and imposes annual rates and charges on all land within Snohomish County located within the boundaries of the District for the purpose of financing the programs and activities of the District. The system of rates and charges are imposed annually in the following manner: $10.00 per parcel plus $0.10 per acre. Section 3. The following are classified as non-assessed property and are exempt from the system of rates and charges imposed by this ordinance: A. Parcels not taxed by the county, including publicly-owned and Native American lands; B. Parcels zoned Forestry (F) under chapter 30.21 SCC; C. Parcels located within the county but outside the boundaries of the District; and D. Personal property. Section 4. The system of rates and charges imposed by this ordinance shall be collected in 2023 and each year thereafter for a total of ten years. Section 5. Pursuant to RCW 89.08.405(6) the system of rates and charges imposed by this ordinance shall constitute liens against the parcels assessed and shall be subject to the same conditions as tax liens, collected by the treasurer in the same manner as delinquent real property taxes, and subject to the same interest rate and penalty as for delinquent property taxes. Section 6. Pursuant to the Interlocal Cooperation Act, chapter 39.34 RCW, the county and the District may enter into agreements providing for county review and approval of District work plans and budgets to coordinate programs for managing and conserving natural resources funded by the system of rates and charges imposed by this ordinance. Where to Get Copies of the Ordinance: Copies of the full ordinance and related documentation are available upon request by calling the Snohomish County Council Office at (425) 388-3494, 1-800-562-4367 x3494, TDD 1-800-877-8339, or by e mailing Website Access: The ordinance and related documents can be accessed through the Council's website at (File 2022-0886) or DATED this 18th day of November 2022. SNOHOMISH COUNTY COUNCIL Snohomish County, Washington /s/ Debbie Eco, CMC Clerk of the Council 104482 Published: November 23, 2022. EDH967267
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