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CITY OF MONROE, WASHINGTON NOTICE OF LAND USE APPLICATION USING THE OPTIONAL DNS PROCESS NOTICE is hereby given that the City of Monroe has received an application for a Shoreline Conditional Use Permit and SEPA Environmental Review as described below: PROJECT NAME: Skykomish River Park Pickleball Courts Shoreline Conditional Use Permit PROJECT FILE#: SLCUP2023-01, SEPA2023-02, SFHA2023-01 APPLICANT: Ben Swanson, Parks & Rec Planning & Capital Projects Manager, on the behalf of the City of Monroe Parks & Rec Department OWNER: City of Monroe, 806 W. Main Street, Monroe, WA 98272 PROJECT LOCATION: The site is located at 516 Terrace Street, Monroe, Washington, 98272. Snohomish County Tax Parcel Number: 27060100307400 PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The applicant, the City of Monroe Parks & Rec Department, is requesting a shoreline conditional use permit for the construction of two new pickleball courts, contained within one concrete pad (54 x 60 ft), at the Skykomish River Park. The proposed project area is adjacent to an existing asphalt path and exercise equipment. The project area is currently grass and maintained by the Parks & Rec staff as part of the greater Skykomish River Park. The zoning for the area is “Parks” and the shoreline designation for the area is “Urban Conservancy.” The applicable Shoreline Master Plan policy for this proposal is, “4. Public access and public recreation objectives should be implemented whenever feasible and significant ecological impacts can be mitigated.” The park is located within the 100-year floodplain. PERMITS/APPROVALS REQUIRED: Shoreline Conditional Use Permit, SEPA Environmental Review, Special Flood Hazard Area Permit, and any State and Federal Permits if applicable. STUDIES REQUIRED: Environmental Checklist, Habitat Assessment, Archeological Survey. ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW: The City of Monroe has reviewed the proposed project for probable adverse environmental impacts and expects to issue a determination of non-significance for this project. The optional DNS process in WAC 197-11-355 is being used. Consequently, this may be the only opportunity to comment on the environmental impacts of this proposal. The proposal may include mitigation measures under applicable codes, and the project may incorporate or require mitigation measures regardless of whether an EIS is prepared. A copy of the subsequent threshold determination for the specific proposal may be obtained upon request. APPLICATION PROCESS: A shoreline conditional use permit is a Type III permit review, pursuant to Monroe Municipal Code (MMC) Chapter(s) 22.84.030 and 22.84.060(B)(2). This project requires a public hearing and decision before the Hearing Examiner. The hearing examiner shall have the authority to hear and make findings, conclusions, and decisions on shoreline conditional use permits. The city shall submit all issued conditional use permits to the Department of Ecology for its approval or disapproval. APPLICATION DATE: May 1, 2023 NOTICE OF COMPLETE APPLICATION: May 10, 2023 DATE OF NOTICE OF APPLICATION: May 12, 2023 & May 26, 2023 PUBLIC COMMENT PROCEDURE: Submit written comments on or before 5 p.m., June 12, 2023. Comments should address completeness of the application, quality or quantity of information presented, and the project’s conformance to applicable plans or code. The city will not act on this application until the end of the 30-day shoreline permit public comment period. PUBLIC HEARING: A public hearing is required for this project and will be noticed separately. APPEALS: Any person aggrieved by the granting, denying, or rescinding of a permit on shorelines of the state pursuant to RCW 90.58.140 may seek review from the shorelines hearings board by filing a petition for review within twenty-one days of the date of filing as defined in Chapter 90.58 RCW. Only persons who file written comments on the project in response to the Notice of Application are considered parties of record who may appeal the decision. If you do not file written comments within the comment period, you may not appeal the final decision. STAFF CONTACT: Anita Marrero, Senior Planner @ (360) 863-4513 or All documents are available for review Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 8:00-5:00 p.m., excluding holidays, at Monroe City Hall, 806 West Main Street, Monroe, WA 98272 and online at If you would like copies of any documents, please email the Permit Division at Copies are at cost. A decision on the application will be made within one hundred twenty (120) days of the date of the letter of completeness. Published: May 26, 2023. EDH977609
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