Placed on 5/26/2023
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ARLINGTON SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 16 Notice of Intent to Grant Easement over Surplus Real Property and Enter into Fuel Supply Agreement and Notice of Hearing The Board of Directors of Arlington School District No. 16 (the “District”) intends to declare as surplus, and grant and convey to Petrocard, Inc., a Washington corporation (“Petrocard”), a temporary easement (“Easement”) over, a portion of the real property and improvements that the District leases from the City of Arlington pursuant to that certain Lease dated December 18, 1989, and recorded December 27, 1989 under Snohomish County Auditor’s File No. 8912270445, as amended, which property is located at the Arlington Municipal Airport in Snohomish County, Washington (the “Property”). Petrocard currently operates cardlock fueling facilities at the Property (“Fueling Facilities”). In connection with the granting of the Easement, the District intends to contract with Petrocard for the continued supply of fuel from Petrocard’s Fueling Facilities to the District’s vehicles at the Property (“Fuel Supply Agreement”). The procurement by the District of fuel at the Fueling Facilities is, in the District’s determination, limited to a single source of supply due to the special nature of the Fueling Facilities operated by Petrocard at the Property and due to market conditions. The Board of Directors will hold a hearing regarding the surplusing of the Property, granting of the Easement over the Property, and the entering into of the Fuel Supply Agreement, on July 10, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. in the Board Room at the Administration Office, 315 N French Avenue, Arlington, Washington. For further information contact Brian Lewis, Executive Director of Operations at 360-618-6238. The District will not grant the Easement or enter into the Fuel Supply Agreement for at least 45 days following the publication of this notice. Published: May 26, 2023. EDH
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