Armchair Adventure Games, Now Open!

Placed on 9/6/2019
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Most people see game shop and they think video games, but none of that here, folks! We're a small, family owned, tabletop gaming shop. What does that mean, you ask? That means board games, card games, dice games, role playing games and the miniatures paints to go with them. All the non electronic gaming gear you need, we have it! With a large retail space, we are able to carry a wide variety of games and accessories to purchase that fit just about everyone's interests. Like playing wargames? We have Warhammer. RPGs? Dungeons and Dragons, Call of Cthuhlu, Shadow Run, and Starfinder, just to name a few. Magic the Gathering a little more up your alley? We have that too. Casual game player? Try Gloom, Sushi Go, Lost in R'lyeh, and many more. Want something to play with the kids? We have that too. Maybe you are interested in a new hobby and painting rpg miniatures sounds fun. We've got everything you need if you're just getting started or you are a seasoned mini painter. Want to buy a game and take it home to play? That's cool, we can help point you in the right direction no matter your interests. Want to buy it and play right then in house with your friends, you're more than welcome. Aside from our retail selection, we have 200+ games in our community section that are available for everyone to come and play in house, and we're just getting started. Not only can you play in house from our community games collection or games you've purchased, but we have two large custom gaming tables to play on, specifically designed for tabletop game play. We have several other regular tables too, of course.

We're located right behind Samosky's Pizza on 303 in Valley City.

6738 Center Rd. Ste. 200

Valley City, OH 44280

Check out the google calendar on our website and our facebook page for information about upcoming in shop events. We have more being added as we move along.
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