Videocassettes, photos, negatives, slides and audio digitization service.

Placed on 12/13/2019
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At Harvested Memories we scan, transfer, convert and digitize - photos, negatives, slides, video and audio for the Cleveland, Akron, Medina and surrounding areas. Digitize means to convert (pictures, audio or sound) into a digital form that can be processed by a computer. Digitizing, scanning, transferring, recording - we use all sorts of terms to describe the ability to get your older hard-media onto a computer for the convenience of sharing or backup purposes. Let Harvested Memories digitize your media, at reasonable rates , while making it convenient as possible. NO MORE WAITING! Over the years, we've seen technology come and go. We are then left with our memories held hostage by obsolete equipment leading us to bury those old photos, slides, VHS tapes or films in an attic, basement or crawl space only to deteriorate, get lost or be damaged over time - being lost forever. Don't wait, take action now! Benefits of local vs. online: Supporting local businesses is always the way to go. Help Ohio grow and prosper.The opportunity to speak with a charismatic and personable owner who enjoys helping people preserve their memories for future generations. Communication is key and it's something I pride myself on.I offer a tailored experience for every customer that I work with, working one on one to make sure you choose the best options for your goal and budget.It is my commitment to make this as convenient and painless as possible, this is why I offer a pick-up and delivery service, even to your place of work.Don't ship your media if you don't have to. Consider the last time you lost or had something damaged in the mail. Now think of losing something irreplaceable, like your memories.Unlike most online services, I offer much faster turnaround time on projects, especially if an event is depending on it.I am a one man operation, so I am the only one to blame; therefore, I will do my best for 100% satisfaction.
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