• Accessibility
    • How can I view my ad?
      You can login at any time by going to the login link available on your local media provider’s website at any time after you have created your account. Ask your local media company contact for instructions to find the login area.
      You may also receive emails regarding your advertisement from potential shoppers during the life of your ad. To ensure that you receive information regarding your ad, please ad clicknbuy.com to your email safe sender’s list.
    • How will shoppers see my ad?
      Shoppers can perform a general search of the online classifieds that results in a list of items meeting their search criteria. If your sale item meets the search criteria, it will be contained in the search results list. Shoppers can click the available graphic link or thumbnail image for your item to access the details page.
  • Classified Ads
    • What are the available types of classified ads?
      There are four selling methods that may be available for your classified ad: More Info, Make-an-Offer, Buy Now, or Auction:
      1.More Info
      The More Info method is a classified online ad allowing enhanced text, photos, multimedia uploads, and video ads. The shopper can contact the seller to ask for more information or to arrange payment. (Note: Some of the features listed below may not be included in your ad. Please contact your local media provider for complete information on the commerce options included in your ad package.)
      Enhanced Text—Tells the potential shopper much more about the sale item by including a lengthier description than traditional print ads.
      Photos—Displays the sale item in color on the ad, with additional photos and captions customized by the seller.
      Multimedia—Allows you upload your own video of the item you want to sell.
      Video Ads—Professionally produced videos, developed from your text and still photos and comes complete with voice-over and background music.
      View Counter—Keeps track of the number of times your ad is viewed.
      Email Conversation—Facilitates pre-transaction, anonymous email conversation between the shopper and seller to discuss details of the sale item and arrange for payment.
      Email Ad Forwarding—Interested parties may send your ad via email to another person who might be interested in the sale item.
      The Make an Offer method has all of the same features as the More Info method and includes additional features for negotiating a new price:
      Delivery Options—Establishes seller preferences for shipment or delivery of the sale item.
      Offers Listing—Maintains a running list of offers by potential shoppers.
      Offer Status—Reports the current state of each potential shopper’s offer.
      3.Buy Now
      The Buy Now method has all of the same features as the More Info method and includes additional e-commerce capabilities for selling fixed-price items. This model is especially good for retail sellers of multiple items.
      Online Transactions—Makes online purchases easy for the shopper with credit and debit card processing.
      Delivery Options—Establishes seller preferences for shipment or delivery of the sale item.
      The Auction method has all of the same features as the More Info method and includes additional auction processes:
      Minimum Bid—The lowest offer price for bidding to begin.
      Bid Increment—The minimum amounts required for each higher bid.
      Reserve Price—The lowest offer the seller will consider. If the reserve price is not met, the item will not be sold.
      Timeline—The bidding period (beginning and ending date and time).
      Automated Bidding—Monitors the bidding process for the shopper and places raised bids automatically, up to the shopper’s maximum offer.
      Overtime Extension—Extends the auction timeline when there is last-minute bidding activity within 5 minutes of bid closing; and insures the seller of receiving the highest offer, rather than stopping the bidding while it is in process.
    • How do I renew my ad?
      Online ads may be renewed several days before they expire by clicking on the renewal option presented within the ad listing available to you within your online account. Some ads may not be renewable depending on the features and options defined by the media provider based on the ad package.
    • How many characters are allowed for the Item Description?
      The Item Description allows for 3,500 characters, or approximately 700 words.
    • When will my ad be available for viewing by shoppers?
      After you create your online ad, it should be available for shopperss to view on the website at the designated start time you set within the ad when it is created. The duration of your ad will be governed by the package you have selected.
    • How can I tell how many times my ad has been viewed?
      Your ad contains a view counter so you and potential shoppers can tell how many times the ad has been viewed. The counter is located in the bottom of your online ad.
  • Email Messages
    • When will I get the email for my ad?
      Email messages about your ClickNBuy ad will be delivered to your specified email address. The email you provide during the registration process must be a valid email address that you have access to from your computer. If you find that that your email address was not entered correctly, or if you wish to change your email address used within the ad, please submit a support request for assistance from within the AdWizard Help option within your account. If you can not login to your account due to an invalid email address you will need to create a new account and request help in accessing your ad from the new account.
    • What if I don’t receive emails for my ad?
      If you feel that you are not receiving emails from potential shoppers, then one of the following things could be happening:
      You may have a security issue, an anti-virus program, or firewall on your computer that is keeping the messages from getting through. Sometimes the security for your account must be set to a lower level or disabled in order to let the messages through.

      Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) may be blocking the messages. You may need to add clicknbuy.com to the list of valid senders within your email account setup. The following section describes how to do this for several of the most common email programs. In addition to your own email program, you can always go to your local media company’s website and login to your ad account to view all messages sent to you by potential shoppers through the Click∙N∙Buy system.

      How do I prevent email from going into a “bulk/spam/junk mail” folder?
      Many email programs have a built-in filter that automatically blocks messages from any sender whose email address is not in the recipient's address book or Safe Sender list.
      To ensure that your classified advertisement messages arrive in your INBOX safely, please add the domain clicknbuy.com to your email address book or Safe Sender list.
      First, find your email program below. Then, follow the steps provided. If you need more details on how to add email addresses to your Safe Sender list, please contact your ISP or email service provider.
      For AOL, Earthlink, Gmail, MSN, Outlook, and Yahoo! (latest versions), click icons below or copy the link on the right (e.g. http://) into your browser for instructions.
      Outlook 2003

      AOL 9.0 or Higher

      AOL 8/0

      MSN 9.0

      MSN 8.0





      Other ISP or Email suppliers are listed below for your convenience. If instructions are not available for your email program, please contact your ISP for assistance in adding clicknbuy.com to your save sender’s list.

      To add The domain Clicknbuy.com to your Comcast address book manually:
      1.Click the Address Book link in the left menu.
      2.Click ADD CONTACT at the top of your Address Book.
      3.To add Click∙N∙Buy, you may enter information in the General, Phone, Address, Internet and Personal pages. Enter The domain Clicknbuy.com as the email address. Use the tabs at the top to switch from page to page.
      4.Click Save button when you are finished entering all contact information.
      For more information on manually adding Click∙N∙Buy to your Comcast address book, go here.

      To add the domain clicknbuy.com to your Comcast address book from an email:
      1.Open an email message from Click∙N∙Buy and then click on the link directly below the senders name, titled Add to Address Book
      2.Add the contact. The Email Address field will be pre-formatted with the address The domain Clicknbuy.com displayed in the sender's message. You may enter additional information in the General, Phone, Address, Internet and Personal pages. Use the tabs at the top to switch from page to page.
      3.Click Save button when you are finished entering all contact information

      For more information on adding Click∙N∙Buy to your Comcast address book, go here.

      To add the domain clicknbuy.com to the address book you must first login to your BellSouth Web email. Once you are logged into Web email, follow these steps:
      1.Click Address Book.
      2.Click Add New Contact.
      3.In the Display Name field, type the name to display for Click∙N∙Buy.
      4.In the Email field, type in Click∙N∙Buy.com.
      5.To add more information, click Add More Information and type the applicable information.
      6.Click Save button.

      For more information on adding Click∙N∙Buy to your BellSouth address book, go here.

      To add the domain clicknbuy.com to the address book you must first login to your Cox.net Web email account. Once you are logged into Web email, follow these steps:
      1.Click Addresses.
      2.Click Create Address at the top.
      3.Type the domain Clicknbuy.com in the address area to store.
      4.Click Save.

      For more information on adding Click∙N∙Buy to your Cox.net address book, go here.

      Outlook on Windows XP
      To add the domain clicknbuy.com to your Outlook address book:
      1.Open or preview an email message from Click∙N∙Buy.
      2.Right-click the From name Click∙N∙Buy and then click Add Contacts on the shortcut menu.
      3.Click Save.

      For more information on adding Click∙N∙Buy to your Outlook Safe Sender List, go here.

      Outlook on Windows 2000
      To add the domain clicknbuy.comto your Outlook address book:
      1.Open an email message from Click∙N∙Buy.
      2.On the From line, right-click the name Click∙N∙Buy.com, and then click Add to Contacts.

      A contact will open with Click∙N∙Buy and the domain clicknbuy.com filled in. You can add any other information you want. Then click Save. For more information on adding Click∙N∙Buy to your Outlook Safe Sender List, go here.

      Please add the domain clicknbuy.com to your Eudora address book to ensure your emails do not end up in the Junk Mailbox. Then choose Tools > Options > Junk Mail and place a checkmark next to the Mail isn't junk if the sender is in an Address Book option. Then click OK.
      If a Click∙N∙Buy message has been delivered to the Junk folder in the past, highlight the Click∙N∙Buy message found in the Junk folder, and choose Not Junk from the Message folder.
      For more information on adding Click∙N∙Buy to your Eudora address book, please visit the links below:
      Windows Eudora
      SpamWatch Instructions
      Address Book Instructions
      Filter Instructions
      Macintosh Eudora
      SpamWatch Instructions
      Address Book Instructions
      Filter Instructions

      Mozilla Thunderbird
      Please add the domain clicknbuy.com to your Mozilla Thunderbird address book to ensure your Click∙N∙Buy email messages do not end up in the Junk Mailbox. By default, addresses in the address book are not considered junk mail.
      Mozilla Thunderbird calls spam "junk mail." When junk filtering is enabled, all junk mail is automatically sent to the Junk folder.
      To tell Thunderbird to not send Click∙N∙Buy email messages to the Junk folder in the future, highlight the Click∙N∙Buy email message found in the Junk folder, and click the Not Junk button in the Toolbar. You can also use the keyboard shortcut of Control + J, or choose Mark As Not Junk from the Message menu.

      Apple Mail
      Please add the domain clicknbuy.com to your Apple Mail address book to ensure your emails do not end up in the junk mailbox. By default, addresses in the address book are not considered junk mail.
      Apple's Mail application calls spam "Junk Mail," and has two modes of junk mail blocking. In "Training" mode, messages considered junk mail are colored brown in your Inbox, but remain visible. In "Automatic" mode, junk mail messages are automatically sent to the Junk folder.
      To tell Apple Mail not to send Click∙N∙Buy email messages to the Junk folder in the future, highlight the Click∙N∙Buy message found in the Junk folder, and choose Message > Mark > As Not Junk Mail.

      Other email programs
      If you do not receive your Click∙N∙Buy email messages, please check your spam or bulk email folder to ensure that email has not been delivered there instead of your inbox. If you do find any email from shoppers, select the message and mark it Not Spam. This should allow future messages to get through to your INBOX.
      i.How do I change my email address?
      Your email address is used as a unique identifier that tells the system who you are. Once you place your ad online you cannot change your email address yourself. However, if your email address has changed or was entered incorrectly, login to the account using the current email address and request assistance through the help option in the AdWizard to change your email address to a new account. You can change any other information about your account by logging in to your User Account.
  • Passwords
    • How do I set up a password?
      When you register online within the system, you will choose your login email address and your password. You can keep and use the initial password or you can change it at any time from within your account. If you choose to change it, you can use a word or a series of letters and numbers. The password is case sensitive and must contain at least 6 characters. They can be any combination of upper and lower case.
    • What if I forget my password?
      If you forget your account password, you can request that a new password be generated and emailed to you automatically. Once you receive the new password, you can either keep and use it or change it within your account. To reset your password, click the “Forgot Password” link on the login page and follow the instructions. A new password will be sent to your email address within a few minutes of submitting your request.
  • Requesting Help
    • How do I request assistance with my ad or account?
      A help request link is available within your account that you can use any time you have a question about your ad. To request assistance, simply login to your account and click the help link within the option bar on the left side of the screen.
      When you click on the Help button you will be presented with a support request form. Complete the form with your email address, name and type in your request or question. The support staff will review your request and respond as soon as possible.
      If you are experiencing a problem or an error with your ad, make sure you provide as much information as possible on the nature and location of the problem so that we can assist you in resolving the reported problem.
      Support is available Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm Mountain Time, excluding holidays.
  • Photos & Images
    • Can I have a picture/photo in my ad?
      You can have as many photos and images in your ad as your local media company has designated based on the ad type and package you have selected. Not all ad packages contain photo upload options.
      Once you have images on your computer, follow the instructions within the AdWizard photo upload screen to select the photos for your ad and to upload them for shoppers to view.
      Once you have uploaded the photos for your ad, you can edit, rotate, add captions and delete any of your ad images. You will want to select the most attractive photo for your default photo, which will be the main photo associated with the ad listing online.
    • How do I get pictures for my ad?
      The easiest way to obtain images for your sale items is to use a digital camera to capture your images. When taking photos of your “for sale” items, remember:
      Your item for sale should be the main focus of the photo and you should try to remove as much clutter and distracting background as possible for the best possible presentation.
      A professional photographer can also assist you in creating a digital image if you are not comfortable with taking pictures or do not have a digital camera available.
      Many item manufactures often have images or their products published on their websites, so check with the original item vendor if you want to find an image online.
      Please refer to your digital camera user guide for more information on loading images to your computer.
    • What kind of image format do I need?
      We accept most fixed-format image files, including, but not limited to, the following file Types: .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png, and .tif. Please make sure that your photo files are available on your computer and that they are named with the appropriate file type extension. For example; myphoto.jpg.
    • Are there restrictions for the size of my photos?
      Photos are automatically resized to a standard size and resolution for display when you load them into the ad. Your images should be no smaller than 400 pixels wide. Most digital cameras available today produce images that are larger than this minimum size.
      Note that many digital cameras capture images that may be several megabytes in size. Larger images may be extremely slow to upload for users with dial-up or slower connections. We suggest that your image files should be reduced to 1 megabyte or less, and they should be reduced in size to less than 1024 pixels x 1024 pixels. Reducing the upload size for your photos will ensure that the upload process does not cause a delay in the placement of your advertisement online. If you experience any problems uploading photos for your advertisement, please contact the support team by submitting a help request through the AdWIzard.
    • How can potential shoppers see all of my photos?
      Thumbnails of all uploaded photos will be displayed to shoppers on the ad detail page that is opened when the shopper selects your ad from the online listing. When a shopper conducts a search, the default image thumbnail and a brief description will be displayed in the search results. The viewer can click the brief description or thumbnail to go to the ad details page.
    • How do I edit the photos for my ad?
      You can edit the images on your computer before uploading them to your ad. Uploaded images are automatically resized to a standard 400 pixel width and a standard sized thumbnail image is created for display within the ad. After you upload your images into the ad, you can also rotate, crop or change the contrast of the photo. All other editing should be completed on your computer before you upload the image.
      Because uploaded image files reside on our server, if you make a change to an image file on your computer or you wish to replace it, you must upload the new file for shoppers to see the change.
      You can delete, edit, and upload your images as many times as you wish for the duration of the ad’s life online. You can also change the default image for your item at any time by designating a different uploaded image.
      Your ad is available at any time for editing by simply logging in to your account online and selecting the ad from the listing of your available ads online.
  • Prices
    • How do I change the price of my item?
      You can change the price and any other information in your online ad for all selling methods except Auctions. Note that the content, price and duration are locked for auctions after the auction has started
      To edit your ad content, simply login to your user account, find your ad, and edit the price, description, or any of the other attributes of the ad. You can change or add to your online ad as often as you would like until it expires.
  • Privacy
    • How is my privacy protected?
      All data collected is secured for your protection. Individually identifiable information is never sold nor is it given to others, unless required to do so by legal authorities. Check your user account and the local media company’s privacy policy and Terms & Conditions for specific information on your rights as an advertiser.
  • Receiving Payments
    • How do I get paid when I sell an item?
      For items sold using the Buy Now and Auction methods, payment can be made using either direct payment to you from the shopper as arranged directly between the seller and the shopper, or PayPal can be used. PayPal is a secure third party service that facilitates the sending and receiving of monies online. The setup process is free and is very easy.
      During checkout, shoppers are transferred to PayPal for payment. If a shopper does not have a PayPal account, an opportunity to set one up is presented during checkout. After the shopper checks out, you will receive an email from PayPal identifying the transaction and notifying you of monies to receive. Just follow the instructions in the email to receive funds.
      For items sold using the More Information and Make-an Offer selling methods, payment arrangements are discussed and decided upon based on communication between the seller and shopper via email or phone.
      To avoid fraud, please know your buyer before accepting payment or shipping any items. The Federal Trade Commission has published several documents online that will help you to understand the risks associated with online commerce. We urge you to read these documents to ensure that you are aware of the potential risks and issues with internet commerce. Visit the following link for more information: http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/menu-internet.htm
    • What if I do not accept the funds in PayPal’s email?
      If you do not accept funds that have been sent to you within 7 days, the funds are automatically returned to the shopper’s account. This process is described on the PayPal website at www.paypal.com.
  • Search
    • How can shoppers find my ad?
      Depending on the search options implemented on the site’s classified search and display pages, the title and text of your ad can be searched by keyword from a search box on the classified page. The search is performed based on the words found in the enhanced ad. In order to attract the largest possible audience for your ad, it is suggested that you fully describe the item in the ad using broad terms that may be used for searching. In general, more text in the enhanced ad allows your ad to be returned by more search requests.
  • Views
    • Why can’t I see the linked button or image within my online ad?
      All enhanced ads should display a thumbnail photo in the classifieds listing on the media website if an image has been uploaded into the ad by the seller.
      If your uploaded image is not appearing the problem may be due to the cookies or JavaScript on your computer being disabled. You can enable this feature within your browser to ensure that you are able to see graphics and JavaScript options.
      Note that only ads with uploaded photos will display a photo thumbnail as a part of the ad display. If the ad type or package you have selected does not contain the option to upload a photo, this feature will not be available for your ad.
    • Why can’t I find my online ad?
      Online ads will appear for the time designated within the ad package that is selected at the time of placement. In addition, each ad will have a start date that is set by the seller. If you do not find your ad online the ad start date may not yet have passed, or the ad may have expired. If you have any difficulty locating your ad, or you feel that there may be an error associated with the availability of the ad online, please submit a help request through the AdWizard and the support team will assist in resolving the reported issue.
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