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Customer Service Contact Information

For assistance with matters related to the Gun Digest Magazine & Blade Magazine Online Classified System, please refer to the instructions below.


Contact us at

  • You would like to place an order and can not access the system online
  • You have questions about an existing order in the new online marketplace or the old classified system
  • You have questions about an invoice, cancellation or renewal.

Contact us at

  • You are a buyer or seller and need assistance accessing your online account
  • You are having trouble using the various features of the online classified marketplace
  • You have questions about an Email notification you received from us
  • You are a merchant experiencing difficulties with your storefront.

Contact us at


  • You would like to comment on the new online system or give feedback.
  • You want to report abuse of the online classified system
  • You have questions about the Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policy linked on our site.


If none of the examples listed above match your situation,
please call customer service at 1-800-942-0673.


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